Tubular Heater

Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters tend to be the long, narrow heating elements that have been utilise since long in various industrial applications like air heating, immersion heating, as well as radiant heating etc. Such types of heaters tend to consist of a metal sheath housing an electrical resistance coil. Tubular heaters that consist of a metal sheath housing a heating element that is typically made of a resistance wire. Such types of heaters tend to be quite versatile and can be bent into various shapes, making them very much suitable for different heating applications to be used in ovens, kilns, and other such industrial processes.


Heatcon the versatile and economical tubular heating element lends itself to virtually the entire range of below applications:


  • Air heating
  • Gas heating
  • Liquid/chemical heating
  • Element wire material: Nichrome, Kanthal
  • Surface wattage: 41-47 W/In2
  • Heater tube sizes: Ø 8, 11, 14 mm
  • GRADE of PROTECTION for enclosure:- IP 55,IP 65,1P 67,ATEX,CCOE,FLAMEPROOF
  • Type of Termination: Threaded, Cable
  • Connectors: Industrial sockets or special connectors from Amphenol connectors on request
  • Sheaths: SS 304, SS 316, SS 310, INCONEL 600, INCONEL 800, TITANIUM, INCONEL
  • Tubular heating elements have a variety of mounting and termination options making them highly popular among industrial customers.