Thermocouples with Thermowells


Thermocouples with Thermowells are one of the most commonly used instruments in industrial temperature measurement. They provide a reliable & cost-effective method of temperature monitoring. A thermocouple with a thermowell consists of a thermocouple that is attached to a thermowell. The thermowell provides a protective, heat-resistant housing for the thermocouple. The thermowell is designed to protect the thermocouple from mechanical & thermal stress and to maximize its efficiency.


  • TYPES: cylindrical bar stock, bar stock for welding, tube stock with narrowed tip.
  • STD THERMOWELL MATERIALS SS 304, 316, 316L, 310,Inconel 600, Inconel 800
  • FOR SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: Monel, Hastelloy, SANDVIK AF & APM,Ceramic, Ptfecoating, Siliconnitrade ,Carbide & Graphite for Molten Metals.