Slot RTD Stator RTD

SLOT/STATOR Resistance Temperture Detectors

Slot stator RTDs are temperature sensors used in electrical motors, particularly in the stator slots. They monitor the temperature within the slots to prevent overheating,which can lead to motor failure. These sensors are designed to be inserted into the specific slots of the motor for accurate temperature measurement. Such types of Resistance Temperature sensors happen to be utilised for the measurement of temperature in generators and large motors etc. So, it is evident that such temperature sensors are specifically designed for electric motors, placed within stator slots to monitor & prevent overheating, and for ensuring motor longevity & reliability.


  • RTD Types: PT-100 / PT-1000
  • Temperature Range: -50°C to +200°C
  • Elements: Platinum Thin Film RTD, Ceramic Wire wound
  • Class of Tolerance (Reference DIN EN 60751): CLASS A, CLASS B
  • Configurations: Simplex & Duplex (3 or 4 Wire)
  • Connectors: Plastic (optional)
  • Lead Wire: Teflon Insulated (with or without shielded) multistrand Wire
  • Sheaths:-Fiber Glass Epoxy
  • Minimum Length: 50mm
    Maximum Length: 1000mm
    Minimum Width: 8mm
    Minimum Length: 50mm
    Minimum Width: 10mm
    Maximum Width: 50mm
    Minimum Thickness:1 mm
    Maximum Thickness: 5 mm