RTD with Thermowell

RTD With Thermowells

Here’s what an RTD with Thermowell is! A thermowell is basically a protective tube made of metal or ceramic that encases an RTD sensor. It is inserted into a processor fluid stream to shield the sensor from mechanical damage or corrosive materials.So, this happens to such a setup where an RTD sensor is protected by a metal or ceramic tube called a thermowell, inserted into a process or fluid stream to shield the sensor from mechanical damage or corrosive materials. This setup ensures accurate temperature measurements while prolonging the sensor's lifespan. Platinum is usually the most widely used material in such industrial RTDs. However, copper and nickel could also be used in some of these applications.


  • Types: Cylindrical bar stock, bar stock for welding, tube stock with narrowed tip.
  • STD Thermowell Materials: SS 304, 316, 316L, 310, INCONEL 600, INCONEL 800
  • For Special Applications: Monel, Hastelloy, Sandvik Af & Apm, Ceramic, Ptfecoating, Siliconnitrade Carbide, Graphite for Molten Metals.