Paperless Recorder


A paperless recorder happens to be such an electronic data recording device, which replaces traditional chart recorders. This electronic data acquisition device is used for continuous monitoring & recording of various process parameters, including temperature. It digitally captures & stores temperature data, providing an efficient & organized way to monitor and analyse temperature trends over time. As it stores data digitally, this eliminates the need for paper charts. So, paperless recorders are used to collect & store data from thermocouples & heating sensors. These recorders can store data for future reference and can also be used remotely to monitor signals.



Henix HI-8003-PLR paperless recorders have a built-in display which allows users to quickly review measured data in real time. Ease of use achieved with informational graphics and touch screen displays Personal delivery of process data with customized displays, Batch recording or continuous data.

Multiple Data Storage: Removable secure digital (SD) port, on-board non-volatile flash, USB flashes storage ports.

Soft touch allows the operator to scroll back in time and review historical trends. 

This is having internal memory to store the data upto one year.

Standard RS-232 communication enables users to access on screen data and set up remote monitoring via the RS serial interface.

Touch screen display to enable operators to clearly view process data in different formats.

All have onboard flash data storage capability and Compact Flash cards for data archiving.

This device can serve web  pages, allowing numerous people  to monitor a system remotely.