Hand Held Temperature Indicators


Handheld temperature indicators are portable devices that are being used for quick & direct temperature readings to directly measure & display temperatures from thermocouples or RTDs. They are commonly used in maintenance, troubleshooting, and field applications where a permanent installation is not feasible. They are also useful for quick, on-site temperature checks. These small devices are used to read the temperature of a thermocouple easily & quickly.



This is a compact programmable temperature indicator which can be carried anywhere for measuring temperature ranging from -180℃ to +1700℃. This instrument has an LCD display for temperature indication. Built in 9V battery and low indication.

Range: -200 to 200℃, 0 to 400℃, 0 to 1200℃, 0 to 1700℃

Display: 4½ Digit LCD -Alpha Numeric

Type: K, R, S, T, N, J, pt-100

Power Supply: 9V, Rechargeable Battery

Charging Socket: Built-in 

Sensor: Leaf Probe, Air Probe, Immersion Probe

Probe Length: 150, 300, 450, 1000 mm

This model is suitable for measuring temperature in molten metals, Ovens, Furnaces, Liquids, Surface Temperature etc. These instruments can be supplied as master with NML calibration certificate.