Flexible Tubular Heater


Flexible tubular heaters happen to be those versatile heating elements that are constructed with tubular structures that could be bent or shaped to fit specific applications. These are commonly utilised for applications like heating liquids, gases, or in environments where space is limited. So, a flexible tubular heater is a type of heating element frequently used in industrial processes. It is made up of a metal tube encasing a heating element coil. It is designed to be flexible and is used to heat liquids and other materials.



  • Standard Dimensions: (Ø 6,5 mm and 8,5 mm) as well as in square shape (6 x 6 mm and 8x 8 mm).
  • Sheath: SS & Nickel
  • Terminal: M2.5, M4
  • Lengths: Minimum 300 & Maximum 3000mm (SS)
  • Lengths: Minimum 350 & Maximum 2000mm (NICKEL)

          Main Features:

  • Better heat transition
  • Considerable savings of the tool mass
  • Easy Replacements
  • Low energy consumption.