Heatcon Sensors – The One Name That You Can Trust Forever!

Heatcon happens to be a recognised firm manufacturing various types of temperature sensors as well as heaters. We take pride in providing our customers with the best-in-class solutions for their varied temperature requirements. We have been in this domain for the past many decades. Our fine-quality products speak about sheer excellence & utmost performance. Heatcon Sensors is having a factory equipped with the most modern machinery & latest equipment. The total area of ​​our entire facility happens to be somewhere around 20,000 square feet mainly for the assembly. We also have in-house calibration that is NABL accredited. We are even having an entirely different space for manufacturing temperature sensors & heaters. Our facility even has a comprehensive R&D unit for the research and development purposes. 

Facility Segments

For smooth processing, we have sectioned our facility into four manufacturing units, which are spread across the length & breadth of the peninsular India, and they are given as under:

    • Sensor Section : This consists of Thermocouples, RTDs and Heaters.
    • Department of Instruments: These have data acquisition devices like Data Loggers, Pyrometers and Controllers.
    • Furnace Department: This consists of Muffle Furnaces, Ovens and Hot Air Blowers.
    • Induction Department : This section has Induction Heater and Gold Melting Furnaces.

Our Departments

For ensuring smoother production, our facility has been divided into various departments including the planning & design division, the sales support department, the technical support section, and after-sales service segment. Segregation is the key to excellent performance, which in turn results in delivering high-quality products that define our true expertise in this domain. Every business requiring any kind of heating process can benefit considerably from this expertise of ours by availing our avant-garde solutions, which are produced to speak nothing short of excellence. 

Our Products Range

Our extensive product range consists of thermocouples, RTDs, probes, specialty sensors, and high-density cartridge heaters. In a way, we are proud to be a one-stop destination for all your temperature monitoring needs. All our products are being designed to be quite user-friendly & highly reliable, thus making them apt for a wide range of industrial applications & commercial uses. We offer high-end products that give consistent performance, thus ensuring that you get exactly what you had wished for. We guarantee that our products meet the benchmarked industry standards, giving you an effortless & reliable experience while putting them to use. We happen to be a world-class organization with a true wealth of industry-wide experience among our employees. You would also be glad to know that our management is committed to continuous trainings in all areas of our business so as to ensure that we always provide excellent service & product support to all our clients & customers. We have the resources & expertise for providing global product/equipment advice to businesses all around the world. 

Eye For Details

Heatcon Sensors’ attention to detail is unmatched in the entire industry. We try to ensure that our customers always get the best solutions for their heating needs and temperature monitoring requirements. Our products have been designed in such a way that they meet & exceed the highest safety standards and quality benchmarks, giving our clients & customers their much-deserved peace of mind. Nothing can replace good quality and fine performance. So, with our earnest efforts in this direction, we aim to supply the most efficient products to our customers & clients.

The Team

We are having a big team consisting of experienced engineers & adept technicians who are constantly striving to make our products better with each passing day. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide the best solutions to our customers based on their unique heating needs & temperature monitoring requirements. By putting expertise at work with an amalgamation of the most advanced technologies, Heatcon Sensors is dedicated to providing the best solutions for all your heating related needs & temperature measuring requirements. Every great business stands on the footrest of a great team, and it is the team only that makes or breaks any business. In this essence, we are glad to have a supporting team that is exceptionally good in its work. Every job they undertake become a masterstroke and every product they product becomes a masterpiece!

 Customers Are Well Served

We fully understand this fact that customers happen to be the cornerstones of any business. By keeping this thought in mind always, we strive to make meaningful relationships with our esteemed clients & customers. Heatcon Sensors prides itself on excellent customer service that ensures completely satisfaction for our customers with the solutions that they receive from us.

Our Mission

Our mission is “for providing our customers with high-end temperature sensing & heating products that are a result of quality raw material, unmatched hardware, strenuous labour & excellent service”. 

Our Vision

We see “Heatcon Sensors to be one of the largest temperature sensor manufacturers in the Indian sub-continent and to be in the top 5 manufacturers of temperature sensors in the whole world.”


Ranging from Thermocouples,RTD,High density cartridge heaters ,heating equipments, our product portfolio has a wide-range and 
has been continuously developed since 1989.