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Heatcon Sensors Pvt. Ltd.
Innovative Thermal Technology...

Heatcon Sensors Pvt Ltd, a name which stands for 'Reliable Process Control Instruments'. Heatcon, is in the forefront of temperature measuring technology. Our continuous investment for decades in both R&D and production enables us to provide unrivalled, customized solutions. Total quality is the concept behind all our activities. Constant in-house quality improvement plans are being implemented to ensure that quality is built- in at every stage of our production - from design through development up-to production.

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HEATCON has been manufacturing temperature sensors, industrial heaters, custom made heating equipment’s since 3 decades.

HEATCON providing its Innovative Thermal Technology to numerous applications and having its manufacturing FACILITY EXCLUSIVE ONLY for Temperature Sensors and Special Heaters is an ISO 9001: 2008 and CE certified company.

Against this stable background, we seek to push the boundaries of temperature sensing capability matching our customer's technology innovative and unique solutions for future application. We extend these disciplines into our new product introduction processes assuring support to our customers own new product developments.