Heatcon Sensors
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Base Metal Thermocouples

TYPES: K, J, N, T, E

HEATCON standard thermocouple line is used in applications where high reliability is a priority. Our thermocouple line comes with the highest purity MgO insulation to yield maximum EMF stability and minimum drift problems caused by insulation impurities. We have thermocouples available in standard and special calibration limits for types K, J, E, N and T . Upon request we can also custom manufacture all of our probes to meet your special requirements.

Standard Wire Types:

Chromel (+) -Alumel(-)
Iron(+) -Constantan(-)
Chromel (+)-Constantan(-)
Copper (+)-Constantan(-)

Base Metal Thermocouple Assembly with Metal Sheath

Temperature Range:-200 to 1400 ° C depending on sensor type
Common Sensor Types: K, J, N, T, E
Common Size: Ø 6.0mm to 26.7mm (3/4" nominal bore)
Common Element Diameters: Ø 1mm to 3.2mm
Heads: Bulk,Small, Flame proof.
Configurations: Simplex,Duplex,Multipoint

Sheath Materials:-

  • 310 SS
  • 316SS
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic
  • Inconnel