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Environmental Chamber

Environmental chamber   Environmental chamber


  • All chambers have a stainless steel interior of either Series 304. Humidity models are welded for vapor tight enclosure
  • Door is sealed with silicon Gasket to avoid leakage
  • Door interlocking facility is available so that the chamber would not start unless the door is closed
  • Adjustable shelf with slide-out rails
  • One Fully adjustable shelf positions available every 1/2" height throughout working volume
  • Self-contained steam generator
  • All chambers incorporate forced air circulation
  • Digital input and display of temperature in Degree Centigrade
  • Temperature alarm and shutdown circuit for additional protection against chamber and product over/under temperature
  • All power connectors, protection devices and power control logics were placed in one control panel
  • Over load trip & Earth Leakage trip for complete chamber
  • MCB for compressors, Heaters and Motors
  • Internal Light provided with external Control
  • Stainless steel heater
  • Easy maintenance
  • Castor wheels provided for easy mobility


Size: 400mm * 500mm * 600mm##
Temperature Range: -70°c to 180°c
Temperature Uniformity: less than ± 1.5°C
Construction: High grade stainless steel 304
Input Power Requirements: 230V/ 415V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1PH/3PH
Rate of Cooling: More than 5°C/min
Heat up rate: More than 5°C/min
Condensing: Air Cooled or water cooled type
Humidity Range: 10% to 99%RH
Weight: 180kg+

##Different size of chamber are available on user’s demand.