Heatcon Sensors
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Finned Air Heater

Heatcon finned heaters are composed of aluminized steel fins press fitted to a one-inch single-ended element. The finned tubular heater is designed to improve heat transfer to the air and permits putting more power in tighter spaces—like forced air ducts, dryers, ovens and load bank resistors. Duct Heater Manufacturers, Finned Heater Manufacturers, Air Heater Manufacturers


  • Air heating for dryers, ovens, ducts
  • Still air heating for ovens, comfort heating
  • Incubators
  • Ink drying
  • Load bank resistors


  • Rugged aluminized steel fins.
  • Single-ended termination.
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket, welded to the terminal end, supplied with a slotted end.
  • Simplifies wiring and installation.
  • Allows ease of installation.