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Thermocouple Connector

HEATCON thermocouple wire connectors are round pin standard size, 2 pole TC connectors designed to connect TC wire or temperature sensor instrumentation with a temperature controller or process control HMI automation panel. They are compatible with any other similarly sized Male, 2 prong thermocouple plug or 2 pin Female thermocouple jack . The female TC jack is Universal and will accept either the mini or standard size male TC plug. Hollow pins of thermocouple compensating alloy are used. This TC connector is also available with a solid 2 pin design.

This Ultimate Thermocouple Connector design ideal for fast and easy connection of TC cable or thermocouple wire via a TC cable clamp assembly.

Thermocouple Connector Manufacturers   MINI CONNECTOR


  • Color-Coded
  • Both Standard Cap and Quick Wiring Caps Included
  • Fully Compatible with HEATCON AND All Industry Standard Size Thermocouple Connectors
  • Temperature Rating to 220°C;(425°F)
  • Color -Coding for ANSI or IEC
  • High Purity Thermocouple Alloy Pins and Sockets
  • Accepts up to 14 Gauge Solid or Stranded Wire